Soap – Violet Lady 🌸


The soothing and relaxing nature of shea butter is the core of Violet Lady. Your skin will feel smooth and velvety after using this creamy soap. Abundant use of shea butter provides a soap full of vitamins and minerals. Violet Lady can be used for both hands and body and is perfect for every skintype, particularly for the dry/irritated skin. the woody and spicy scents of ceder and lavender provide a sultry sensation. It brings nature in the gloomy autumn and winter months.

Ingredients: Olive oil, water, Cocos oil, shea butter, cacao butter, Ricinus oil, rose oil, Argan oil, Jasmin oil, jojoba oil, natrium lactate, rose mud, etheric oil, rose, rosemary, lily, violets, thyme

Weight per bar: ~75 grs


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Weight 0.075 kg


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